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Roter Luftballon Kandy is the last kingdom of Sri Lanka going back to history. It has to her credit some traditional old villages still prevailing. The brick makers, the drum makers, the handicraftsman, the weavers, the blacksmiths, the farmers, the wood carvers they live separately in their own villages as a result of the cast system. We can enjoy working with them in theirs special trades, have a meal with them and spend the day with them. Visit the temple of the tooth, which is considered the most meritorious act for the Buddhist people in Sri Lanka. If you wish you could visit the very old Buddhist temples around Kandy.

Kandy is famous for its dancing, evening we can see the live dance which is performed every evening with traditional Kandyan dancing, fire eating and walking etc., for those who are interested we can also visit a dancing school to see how they learn. If you love plants and trees, the Royal Botanical gardens is a must in your agenda. Hike to the nearby mountains to see the panoramic views of the vicinity from a higher elevation, coming down have a cup of tea in a monastry . Shopping in the Kandy bazaar with the local folks, see what is interesting in the market place and buy some spices for your curries at home. If you are a keen golf player you could use the Digana Golf course.

And finally in Kandy the unforgettable will be the gazing greenery train trip from Kandy to Nanuoya through the tea plantations and water falls


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These are two historical places which no visitor to Sri Lanka will like to miss. The Dambulla rock temple which belongs to the century has four caves with over a hundred Buddha statues. This has been a monastery for some years where our monks and lay people used as a location for their meditation. Some interesting things can be seen in this site. 10km east of the Dambulla Rock temple is a huge tank called Kandalama. It will refresh you if we can have a dip in this tank one afternoon.

Further another 15km will take you to my friends house for a night stay. It is a farmers house, only the two of them live doing their own farm. They will have the time to spare with you to share their experiences living in an dry zone remote village. Evening can be wonderful if you can go with them to the jungle to watch elephants and other animals coming for their water in the nearby tank. The dinner will be a pure Sri Lankan and the food will be from nearby gardens, even the spices will taste different. The Sigiriya Rock fortress is 10minutes away from my friends place, you may do this tour either in the morning to see the sun rise from the top of the rock or in the evening to see the sun set. Wood carvers, handicraft people will be around this area


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Pollonnaruwa an ancient capital is about 140km from Kandy and it is one and a half hours drive from Sigiriya through the forest. This city will give you a feeling of the proud history we have had in Sri Lanka 1500years ago. Most of the ruins here are of a palace and some religious places of very importance to the Buddhist.

My friend will introduce you to the chief monk who is in charge of this site for a briefing which can take two hours in an evening. This will also be a chance to experience a little bit of the concentration meditation in a location where thousands of arahants have made use of. We also can organize a tour to the suburbs of Pollonnaruwa which is bordering the eastern province of Sri Lanka where you can really feel the wild life.


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Wasgamuwa is a national park, which can be reached from Polonnaruwa in 2hrs. We can have a jeep safari to the park for half a day or may be full day depending on the interest you have. For your accommodation we have a house in the middle of the paddy fields which we can stay the night. Very close to this place is an ancient temple which is busy in the afternoons with the v illages. We see them doing their rituals, offering flowers incense sticks and chanting the sutras. We also have a chance to have a plate of new rice (soon after the harvest) for dinner with vegetables and salads fresh from their gardens together with a desert of a tasty dry zone fruit platter.

The second choice to reach Wasgamuwa is from Kandy. It will be a drive of four hours. On your way we have the chance of visiting a Hindu kovil which is one of the best in Sri Lanka, we also have a chance to visit the small worlds end if we can walk for twenty minutes from the main road. This trip will also give us a chance to go up to an elevation of about 5000 ft above sea level through the tea gardens.


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Anuradhapura is an ancient capital of Sri Lanka going back to over 2000 years in history. The city includes the most impressive monuments which was constructed by the kings who ruled the country from time to time starting from the year 380 BC. In principle there are eight main attractions starting with the secred Bo tree(sapling brought from India over 2000years back) Large dagobas like the Ruwanweliseya, Jethawanaramaya, Thuparamaya the Samadhi Buddha statue I am sure no one will like to forget, the moonstone and the other stone carvings are also places of interest.

We can spend a night here at my friends place like in other places. Bathing in the tanks around the area is something everyone likes in the evening. Visiting the Srimahabodhi at night and chanting pirith (Buddhas word) will add merit to l ife which my friend will love to join. Country fresh vegetables, fruits will be for dinner with tank fish curry.


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Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka. On our tour we select Colombo either as the first day to stay or the last day to end the tour simply because the air port is just minutes away from our house. It gives added value to our country because of its cononial heritage ,the old parlaiment, the clock towers, Christian churshes, a few colonial hotels will witness its beauty. A few super stores will find us easy to do our shopping for souveniers, Sri Lankan handicrafts, fashionable clothing, jewellery, batiks, ceremics etc to take back home.

We also have a chance of having a five course dinner in a colonial style hotel which I am sure will add value to our visit. Colombo is the political, economic and cultural centre of Sri Lanka, so if you need to extend your visa, or perhaps buy a plane tickets, you will do that as well. A very important relegious place for the Sri Lankan Buddhist is found in Kelaniya 10 km from the main city, this is a place where Lord Buddha has visited 2500years ago. The Galle face green will be a place to spend the evening with the native people running about with their children having fun.

Arugam Bay

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From Wasgamuwa there is a road to the east coast of Sri Lanka. The best beach for surfing is found here. For a long time this area was unfortunately forgotten by the guest, because of the ethnic problem in the country. Now the situation has changed, we get the chance to visit and spend a few days here too.

The surfing equipment is freely available in this area. The food and accommodation in a friend's house is also possible. Most of the people here are Muslims, surely we will have Muslim food and get to know them better with the stay here. Fishing is the main employment of the people and fresh fish of a different variety is available at any time. On your way to Arugambay you find a stretch of forest with wild elephants freely moving. This will not make you tired while traveling.

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